NestAmp HLC-Q7 All-in-One LED Headlight

One of the major advantages of headlights is that they free up users’ hands for a variety tasks. With NESTAMP HLC-Q7, users can achieve even more. This new member of the Focus+ headlight series is a feast of luminaire technoligies.

Right at the centre of HLC-Q7 is a XP-E [Q4] Cree White LED. Taking full control o this latest CREE product, a revolutionary design is implemented. When the Operation Button is depressed, the LED outputs at the peak 125 lumens, then dims in a smooth run. Just release the finger at any time of the desired level of balance between illumination and battery life. Another advanced output regulating mechanism, Focus Control, is also available by twisting the iris ring that surrounds the core LED. Whether for night trail walk, campsite reading or garage chores, there’s always the right mode for the requisite illumination.

Lined up under the white, crowned gem in a smiling curve are four 05mm LEDs, two in red and one each in green and in blue. They serve a variety of purposes. The red duo is generally used for night vision. In less a romantic emergency situation, they can flash out the international SOS code, “3-dits 3-dahs 3 dits”. The green LED is for map reading and signaling while blue illumination helps telling blood from other fluids. For the best user experience, the core and auxiliary emitters are controlled and operated independently.

With adjustable light angle adding further to the high degree of flexibility, the versatile HLC-Q7 is an all-in-one solution for multi-range users.