SPK-604 Solar Panel Kit 60W

  • A solar generator kit to power your application with free sunlight.
  • Ideal for RVs,boats and remote & backup power requirements such as cottage.
  • Amorphous technology ,working even in cloudy weather condition.
  • Green energy & environmental friendly.
  • No running cost.

Power generated from this system in one week can run following items

Description Power Consumes Hours of use
CB radio
5Watt 336
Depth finder 5Watt 336
Laptop computer 50Watt 33.6
Lights(compact 40Watt equivalent) 10Watt 168
TV12’ 20Watt 84
Cooler 12V (3A)electric
36Watt 46.6
Stereo 50Watt 33.6
Satellite dish 30Watt 56