Time Guard CB008 Safety Breaker RCD Adaptor

The Timeguard CB008 Safety Breaker RCD Adaptor is an RCD plug-in adaptor that detects dangerous earth leakages and automatically disconnects both live and neutral connections (double pole) leaving the earth connection intact.


  • Provides additional protection from electric shocks.
  • Extra fast action - trips out within 40 milliseconds (BS7071).
  • Trips out when the power supply is temporarily lost. A safety must for all power tools, lawn mowers and hedge trimmers.
  • Automatically disconnects both Live and Neutral connections leaving earth connection intact.
Operating Voltage
230V AC
Current Rating
Fully Complies With BS1363
Rated Trip Current
Trip Speed
BS 7071 – 40ms
Contact Break
Double Pole
Continues to Protect With
Lost Neutral & Pulsating DC Earth Fault
Cable Capacity
3 × 2.5mm²
Conforms To
BS1363, BS7071
Dimensions (mm) Height 127, Width 60, Depth 70