Time Guard CBP09 Safety Breaker RCD Plug

The CBP09 detects dangerous earth current leakages in electrical appliances. If the mains supply is interrupted the contacts open giving safe operation for power tools and garden equipment. Automatically disconnects (trips) both the Live and Neutral connections (Double Pole) leaving the Earth connection intact. ExtraTripfast action for maximum possible protection and safety to the user.

  • Gives extra protection from the risk of fatal electric shocks at home and in the garden.
  • A must for all power tools, lawnmowers, hedgetrimmers etc.
  • Extra Tripfast action for maximum protection to the user.
Operating Voltage
230V AC 50hz
Temperature Rating
-5°C to +40°C
Max Operating Current
13 Amps
Rated Trip Current
Trip Speed
40ms Typical
RCD Type
Double Pole. Suitable For Both 2 & 3 Wire Appliances
Continues to Protect With
Lost neutral & pulsating DC earth fault
Breaking Capacity
Conforms To BS7071, 73/23/EEC & 89/336/EEC